Special Foot Care & Pedicure

Our footcare service uses professional products from CND and Dead Sea Secret, imported directly from the US. Following are the steps that we use in our foot-care procedure:

Salt scrub: Mixing a spoon of sea salt from the Dead Sea, whose salinity is 10 times higher than ordinary seawater. This procedure helps preventing anti-bacteria and softening your skin for scrubbing.

Salt and oil scrub: Scrubbing from knee to ankle for 20 minutes. 

Body lotion: Next, you will enjoy a 10-minute massage. Your feet will be wrapped in hot towel so that the oil can be absorbed better.

Body mud: Your feet will then be covered in Dead Sea mud, which provides minerals to strengthen and soften your skin.

Body butter: Applying special moisturizing cream that keep your feet moisturized for 24 hours